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Work that fits around your life

Make money on your own schedule with a scooter, bike or car.

  • Work when you want to
  • Reach your earnings goals
  • Get round-the-clock support

What you'll need

  • Scooter, bike or car (with licence and insurance)
  • Smartphone with iOS 14 / Android 8 or above
  • Proof of your right to work self-employed in Italy
  • Age 18+

Ready to earn? Just tap the app

Book where and when you want to ride and use your app to go online. When online, you will be offered orders to deliver. You will decide to accept it or reject it.

Deliveroo app on a phone

We're always here for you

When you’re on the road, we’re with you – for help, advice and support, message or call us in the app. Your safety is our priority. Deliveroo riders in Italy are also registered with INAIL. It’s totally free and applies from the moment you go online.

Competitive fees

We pay a competitive fee for each order you deliver. You can earn tips from customers too, to help towards your earnings goals.

Ways to boost your earnings

Earn more at evenings and weekends.

Support, training and peace of mind

Our support teams are always with you. We offer safety training and equipment, too, as well as free accident cover when you’re on the road.

Get paid regularly

We’ll transfer your earnings monthly.

Free professional kit

Highly visible, comfortable and breathable gear, suitable for the climate you’re riding in.

1000s of restaurant partners

We’re one of the busiest food delivery platforms in the country, delivering orders in your local area every day.

How it works

Once you’ve joined Deliveroo, here’s what to expect.


Accept and go

While you're online, we'll offer you orders. If you're happy, tap to accept the order.


Collect the order

You’ll see a map with a suggested route to the restaurant. Show the restaurant your screen to pick up your packed order.


Make a customer’s day – deliver their food!

Next, we’ll show you a suggested route to the customer. After you’ve delivered their food, you’re ready to accept a new order.

Applying online is easy

Make sure you have your passport or ID card and proof of right to work with you.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the requirements for being a Rider?

    To ride with Deliveroo you’ll need:

    1. Proof of your right to work in Italy as self-employed
    2. A smartphone – (iOS 14.0 and above) or Android (8.0 and above)
    3. Your own vehicle (bicycle, scooter, or car)
    4. Be over 18
    5. A bank account number in your name

    Documents you need to have:

    • ID card or passport
    • Fiscal code
    • If you’re not EU citizen, residence permit
    • If you’re applying to ride with a car or scooter, driving licence
    • Proof of Proof of your home address 
    • Bank account ownership or bank statement. NOTE: accounting transactions should not be visible (you can upload a photo of only the required data or upload the entire document obscuring the transactions).

    All documents must be valid at the moment of the application.

  • How can I become a Deliveroo Rider?
    1. Provide the required information and upload the valid documents
    2. Wait for application results
    3. Sign the contract you’ll receive in your e-mail inbox
    4. Order your professional Rider Kit. See how to order a Kit here
    5. Download the Deliveroo Rider app and book your sessions
  • When will I receive my application results?

    The review of your application may take a few days or a bit more time. Deliveroo Riders Team will contact you to inform you of your application outcome.

  • What insurance Deliveroo riders are protected with?

    All Deliveroo Riders on scooter, car or bicycle are insured against potential accidents occurring during deliveries through the insurance provided by INAIL – the Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work.

    In the event of third-party damage while delivering, insurance is provided by Qover.

  • How and when do I get paid?

    Riders get paid for each delivery they make. You will be told of the delivery fee payable before you accept the order. 

    Fees are paid every month and the payments are made to the bank account number, by the 10th day of the month following the deliveries.

  • What kind of kit Deliveroo offers?

    Deliveroo gives you the core kit for free. Here’s what you can get for free, once you’ve joined Deliveroo:


    • Jacket
    • Insulated backpack


    • Jacket
    • Big thermal bag
    • Small insulated backpack


    • Jacket
    • Big thermal bag
    • Small thermal bag

    To make your deliveries safely, you can order the helmet (only for bicycles), the high visibility jacket and the mobile phone support without additional costs.

  • I have problems uploading my documents during the application phase. What can I do?

    Sometimes it may happen that the website is overloaded, and you are unable to upload your documents and complete your application.
    But don't worry, we advise you to wait a few hours and try to enter Rider Hub again.
    Make sure to follow all the instructions given and complete all the modules.

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