Deliveroo Riders on scooter, car or bicycle are insured against potential accidents occurring during deliveries through the insurance provided by INAIL – the Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work and in the event of third-party damage while delivering, insurance is provided by Qover.

Riders will cover their vehicle insurance.

You can find all the details below:

  • Find out more about INAIL accident cover: here.
  • Find out more about third-party cover: here.

To report an accident and to send us the details of your first INAIL medical certificate

To send us the details to update your initial INAIL claim in case of extended or final prognosis

PLEASE NOTE: in order for us to submit your claim to INAIL, you need to provide us with the identification number and the issue date of your INAIL medical certificate (highlighted in green as showed in the picture below) in the appropriate section of the form.

You can find an example here. We kindly ask you not to send us any medical certificate related to accidents at work, as due to our privacy compliance policy, it will be deleted immediately.

To report third-party damages

Once your claim has been submitted, we invite you to always refer to INAIL or QOVER for further information (depending on the service needed).

At riders’ disposal training materials about health and safety at work: training courses on road safety, transport and storage of food are provided through e-learning platforms.