Community guidelines & Road safety

We want your experience of riding with Deliveroo to be a safe and positive one.

These guidelines are designed to help ensure the safety of everyone that rides with and orders from Deliveroo, as well as the smooth running of your Deliveroo rider app and the service our customers receive.

Stay safe

When you’re out on the road we ask that you always:

  • Follow all laws including road safety and traffic laws
  • Wear a helmet and reflective clothing to be more easily seen by other drivers
  • Carry food in approved thermal bags – this keeps food at a safe temperature
  • Keep your bags clean and in excellent shape
  • Let us know if your kit is damaged and you need a replacement backpack or thermal bag and we’ll send you some for free

Stay respectful

When you interact with customers, restaurants, other riders, Deliveroo staff, and members of the public we ask that you do so with respect.

You should also follow all laws, rules and regulations – they’re there for everyone’s benefit.

You should:

  • Follow all laws and regulations
  • Treat everyone you interact with politely and respectfully
  • Keep customer data safe – never share a customer’s details with anyone else or contact a customer when you’re not completing an order for them
  • As breaches of the above could amount to a serious breach of your Supplier Agreement, we investigate all reports we receive about these kinds of behaviour and this may result in you being unable to work with Deliveroo again.

If you see another rider behaving unprofessionally don’t hesitate to let us know.

Stay honest

Deliveroo only works when riders act in good faith to deliver orders to customers in a safe and timely manner.

We actively monitor any suspicious and fraudulent actions, including:

  • Using multiple Deliveroo accounts at once
  • Using a different type of vehicle to the one you’re registered with
  • Marking orders as delivered when they haven’t been
  • Purposely swiping through the app at the wrong time
  • Manually adjusting your GPS location information
  • Taking an unreasonably long time to deliver orders
  • Working with substitutes who don’t meet all the requirements to ride with Deliveroo
  • Interfering with Deliveroo’s website, platform or apps

What we do in case of potential infringement

If we are made aware of a rider who is acting in breach of their contract, as clarified in these guidelines, we will investigate the report before taking any action on the account.

These investigations are always led by someone on our team, and riders will always be notified if we decide to take any action. If we see a pattern of dishonest behaviour involving your account we may choose not to work with you in future.

We have similar guidelines that we ask our Restaurant Partners to follow as well.

Everyone who partners with Deliveroo is encouraged to work together safely and respectfully.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can always contact our dedicated Rider Support team.

How to deliver safely:

Useful info for bad-weather conditions

Safety is of utmost priority for every Rider.

It’s always up to you choosing when to ride and what orders you want to accept or reject.

Here are a few useful precautions to take in case of rain or bad weather when you’re out delivering:

If you feel that the weather is too adverse to work safely, don't worry: your own safety should be your priority.

First, seek shelter in a safe space and log out from the current session.

If you have booked other sessions for later in the day, you can cancel them at any time.

You can cancel your sessions on the Deliveroo Rider App: you only need to tap on the sessions, tweak your availability next to the time slot, then select "Cancel these bookings".

What to do in case of aggression

Your safety is our number one priority.

For this reason, in the event of an assault, we invite you to promptly request the intervention of the police by calling 112 and providing all the details of what happened.
If your vehicle has been stolen, we recommend that you file a theft report with the Police or the Carabinieri, specifying the license plate number of the vehicle and if this is the case, the theft of the paper certificate of ownership (CdP) and/or the registration certificate.

The police may also request the following information:

  • vehicle model;
  • location of theft;
  • distinguishing features of the vehicle;
  • detailed description of the incident.

Please remain calm and always put your safety first.

Finally, we remind you that in case of accident and injury at work, all Deliveroo Riders are covered by the insurance provided by INAIL and by an additional insurance for any damage to property or third parties that may occur during deliveries, regardless of the vehicle used. The Rider is responsible for the insurance obligations required by law for the vehicle used.

For further information on insurance click here.