During each session we’ll try to offer you as many orders as possible; if it’s not possible, you will get an incentive for that session.

You can still choose to reject any orders you don’t want to deliver, but as these were offered to you, you won’t get the minimum order incentive.

To get the incentive we'll take into consideration the minutes you are online during each session and inside the delivery area. Moreover, you should have participated for at least 75% of the session (cities that haven't been launched recently included).

If during one shift, you deliver only 1 order which fee is less than the minimum order incentive and you do not receive other orders, the payment for that shift will be given by the total value of the order delivered plus the amount needed to reach the minimum order incentive value.


If in your area the minimum orders incentive is €6 for that month and in a 1 hour shift, you deliver one order for a €5 fee, and you are not offered any other orders, your earnings for that shift will be €5 (for the order delivered) + €1 (incentive) = €6.

The minimum orders incentive and any other bonuses are integrated into the Deliveroo Rider app just before sending your payment, so don’t worry if you don’t see the updated data

The incentive can vary depending on the zone and on the period.

Minimum Order Incentives of the month

FAQ Multiplier fee boosts

  • What does 1.[?]x mean and how much extra will I get for the orders I deliver while this applies?

    It means that you’ll receive 1.[?]x (1.4x = 40%, 1.25x = 25%) more for each order you accept when the fee boost is available, as long as they’re completed.

  • How long will this 1.[?]x boost apply?

    The 1.[?]x boost will apply to all orders offered within a period of time (it can vary). You’ll get the boost as long as each order you choose to accept is completed.