Tips: How to maximise your earnings


It’s always up to you choosing when to ride, but some days and times are busier than others. Here’s a guide to our busiest times:

What are super peak times?

19:00 - 22:00 Friday to Sunday

Customers tend to be particularly hungry during these times, meaning more orders and more potential earnings for you. On average, riders can earn up to 60% more during super peak hours.

What are peak times?

19:00 - 22:00 Monday to Thursday A little less busy than ‘super peak’, but still a great time to go online.

As you may know, meal times and weekends are usually when customers place the most orders, so riding at these times means you’re likely to be offered more orders, enabling you to earn more faster.
Check the heatmap below for the best times to ride, but remember it's always up to you choosing when to ride.

What are the best areas to ride in?

If you know your local area, you’ll probably know where all the restaurants are!
If not, we recommend city/town centres are always a popular place to start.

If you are in a Free Login zone you'll find in your app real time demand information.
Stronger coloured hexagons mean busier restaurants.
Discover where’s busy, moderate and not busy to help you decide when and where to go online. The stronger the hexagon colour, the more orders available in this area.

If you are in a Calendar without statistic zone, remember that booking your sessions during peak and super peak times can help you maximise your earnings.
You can also check your Planner every day to book if there are new sessions available or directly logging into an available session if you are ready to start receiving new order proposals.

If you can't find availability in your favorite zone, why not try a nearby one? 

Extra payments

Sometimes, we could offer extra payments or bonus.
If you are in a Calendar without statistics zone you'll see the extra payments directly in the Planner, otherwise, you'll see them as teal hexagons.

Extra payments can have a fixed amount fee bots or a multiplier fee boosts.
So if a multiplier fee boost of 1.2x is available and you accept an order with a fee of €6 you’ll earn an extra €1.20.

You might still be offered fixed fee boosts if you choose to ride in a different area, or at a certain time.

Other times, you'll get an email from us: check your inbox!

Additional indemnity

In addition to the minimum compensation, an additional indemnity will be due upon the occurrence of one or more of the following circumstances:

  • deliveries during night time: delivery proposals accepted and actually completed between 00.00 and 07.00;
  • deliveries during festivities: 25th of April, 1st of May, 2nd of June, 1st of January,6th of January, Easter day and the following Monday, l5th of August, 1st of November, 8th of December, 25th of December, 26th of December and 7th December;
  • deliveries with adverse weather conditions: precipitation of at least 2 mm per hour or snow, as resulting from data extracted from an independent meteorological database. The source of the data used is Weatherkit.

In particular:

  • 10% in the case of the presence of one circumstance;
  • 15% when two of the circumstances previously described occurred (for example if you are delivering and outside it’s raining and it is also Christmas);
  • 20% when all the three circumstances occurred.

These are our tips!

Are you ready?