Refer a friend

Make extra money by referring friends



Bonus is for each friend reffered.

The referral fee is valid only for the applicants in the cities below.
You can receive the bonus up to 10 times.
After that, you can share your code, but you won’t get the bonus.



You’ll receive a bonus when your friends complete 20 orders within 30 days of being approved.

Multiple orders are considered as one order. 


When do I get my bonus?

You will receive the referral incentive one month after the new rider has placed 30 orders within 60 days (from the day of registration) and will be deposited at the same time with the rest of your earnings.

Please note there is no bonus for those being referred.

How does it work?

Think you know someone who’d be a great Deliveroo Rider? Refer friends to ride with Deliveroo and make some extra money! How?

  1. Head to the Referrals section in the Rider app to find your unique Referral code
  2. Share it with your friend and tell them to enter it when they apply
  3. Get a little thank you from us!