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What do you mean by replacement?

1) Replacement means the free exchange of one or more items from the Core Kit - the type of Kit corresponding to the type of vehicle selected in your Deliveroo Rider App.

The items that can be replaced are the high visibility jacket, the backpack, the large or small thermal bags, the jacket, and the helmet. In order to submit a replacement request for a core kit item, you need to follow this condition: 

  • you have completed at least 1500 deliveries since the date of the last replacement request for that same item, in accordance with the article number 14 of the Rider CCNL.

If this condition is present, we invite you to fill this form

If you want to check how many deliveries you have made, access the "Earnings" section of your app or check your payslip.
In addition, to check how long has passed since the last time you received an item, click on the "Order History" section of the Rider Kit Store.

2)You can also replace some items of your Kit if it’s damaged (high visibility jacket, backpack, large or small thermal bags and helmet).

We invite you to fill out this form by attaching a photo showing the defect of the item you want to replace, your name, your rider ID and the current date.
It will not be necessary to return the item to be replaced.

3) Finally, if your Deliveroo jacket from the rider Core Kit is the wrong size, you can request a replacement within 5 days after receiving the item. In this case, we ask you to fill out this form and to send the wrong size jacket you want to replace to the address:

For the attention of Team Deliveroo Riders

Deliveroo Italy s.r.l.

Via Carlo Bo, 11

20143 Milan

Remember to specify your name, surname and Rider ID. Shipping costs are charged to you.

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